Shadow Fights 2 All Bosses Ultimate Guide

To win the game, you must know these Shadow Fights 2 All Bosses. The beginner players have problems fighting with different bosses because they don’t know about the bosses’ qualities. There are two types of bosses (Shadowland bosses and Eternals). These bosses are different, and the player needs to use different weapons for these bosses. 

In shadow fight 2, you have to fight with different enemies. Each enemy has different qualities and specifications from the others. 

The difference between these booses is that the Demons are fought in single-player mode, whereas the Eternals are fought in multiplayer mode. Let’s start to learn about all the bosses of this game.

Shadow Fights 2 All Bosses

Shadow Fights 2 All Bosses
Shadow Fights 2 All Bosses

Shadow Fights 2 All Bosses


Demons are the followers of Titan. All the demons have five bodyguards. You have to fight with bodyguards first. When you defeat all the bodyguards, demons fight with you. Here are the specifications of all demons.

  1. Lynx:

Lynx is the first enemy who comes at first. He has five bodyguards. It would be best if you defeated all the bodyguards of lynx to fight with him. Lynx is the leader of the killer known as THE ORDER. The weapons of lynx are his claws. He threw the smoke bomb and was invisible from that place. When the player defeats the lynx, he gets lynx’s claws as a reward. 

  1. Hermit:

Hermit is the second enemy who comes in shadow fight 2. You have to defeat the bodyguards of the hermit if you want to fight with a hermit. Hermit destroyed all the academies of the villages and wants to build his school. He is the first enemy who uses magic. 

  1. Butcher:

Butcher is the third enemy who fights with the player. He has the power to produce earthquakes. If the player falls, he will lose the game.

  1. Shogun:

Shogun is the leader of the ivory city. Shogun has the power to call his bodyguards. The bodyguards come on the screen when the shogun calls and disappear after attacking.

  1. Titan:

Titan is the last boss in shadow fight 2. You must have to defeat the Titan to complete the mission. He has the power of all demons.

shadow fight 2 bosses


The domains of Eternals are the underworld. They arise after the gates of shadow open. Their purpose is to destroy the world. 

  1. Volcano:

The volcano is the first eternal enemy who comes in shadow fight 2. He hardened the magma as his body. He has the power to control the fire. 

  1. Megalith:

Megalith is the second eternal enemy. He has the power to produce earthquakes. He also moves the continents. 

  1. Fungus:

Fungus is the third enemy. He has the power to control the mushrooms. He can destroy in 12 minutes and 40 seconds. 

  1. Fatum:

Fatum is a girl who comes with pale skin and yellow eyes. She wears a hoody and gown. Players must reach stage 4 to fight fate.

  1. Darkaina:

Darkaina is the second eternal enemy fighting in the underworld’s third tier. She is a woman having red skin. She is full of rage and thirst for blood. 


Here are the details about all bosses. After reading this article, you can easily fight with all your bosses in this action game.

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