How to Open APK files on a PC 2024?

It’s very challenging to know how to open APK files on a PC because a PC doesn’t allow opening these files directly. Many people face this problem when they download games, movies, etc. 

There are different methods to open the APK files on a PC. You can apply any of them. You can open APK files with an Android emulator or without an emulator. 

Do you want to open APK files on your PC? Let’s start by reading this article. You will go through all about information about APK files.

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How to open APK files on a PC

How to open APK files on a PC?

How to open APK files on a Pc
How to open APK files on a PC

What is an APK file?

APK stands for Android Package Kit. It is a file format used to install different software on Androids. You can install APK files directly from the Play Store. But this software is blocked due to security issues. Androids recognized this software as unknown, so they weren’t allowed to install it without permission.

How to open APK files on Windows?

It’s easy to open APK files on Windows; you have to follow some steps to open APK files on Windows. There are many methods to know how to open APK files on PC Windows. 

  1. Use Android Emulator:

Although Windows doesn’t recognize the APK files and blocks them, the easiest way to open APK files is to download the Android emulator. Many Android emulators are accessible to download. Download any Android emulator to run your APK file. 

In addition, Bluestack is the most famous Android emulator. Hundreds of people use Blue Stack to open APK files. You can also run the modified version of the games through Bluestack. It can run all types of files. 

Download the Bluestack from Google, run it on your PC, explore the file, and open it. 

  1. Use ARC Welder:

ARC Welder is an extension that helps to open APK files on the computer. It can be installed on different windows. It means that you can open the files directly from Google. You can open any files with ARC Welder. However, it also has some drawbacks in that it has no access to the Google Play Store. 

Here’s the complete procedure to open files with ARC Welder:

  • Go to Chrome and open the Official website of ARC Welder. Tap on “Download For Pc.”
  • Download your APK files and open them in ARC Welder. 
  • Complete the process by following all instructions.
  • After that, you can open your APK files on your PC. 
  1. Use Android SDK: 

This is another method to open APK files on a PC. 

  • Download Android SDK from the Official website. 
  • Hold on to Winodw and R to open the running window. 
  • Go to the control panel.
  • Tap on System and Security, then tap on System
  • Tap on Advances System Settings
  • Click on Environment Variable
  • Tap on NEW, and type ANDROID_HOME. After that, type the address of the Android SDK folder. Tap on OK to save changes. 
  • Click Path > Edit in that area. Once you’ve done that, select New and paste the path “%ANDROID HOME%tools;%ANDROID HOME%toolsbin;%ANDROID HOME%platform-tools” into the window. After that, click OK.
  • Tap on Enter
  1. Use Android Studio:
  • Download Android Studio from the official website. 
  • Tap on Profile & Debug APK. 
  • Select the APK file you want to open. 
  • Utilize the emulated device to navigate the APK.

How to open APK files on a PC


Q. How to Open APK files on AndroidAndroid?

You can’t open APK files on AndroidAndroid without permission. So here are the steps to open the APK file on AndroidAndroid:
Download the file that you want to run.
Go to settings, tap on Apps, then tap on Install unknown apps
After that, you can run the APK files on your Android.

Q. Can I open the APK file on iOS?

No, you can’t open the APK files on iOS. iOS doesn’t allow the opening of these types of files. Only iPhones and iPads have restrictions on opening APK files.


So here are all the methods to know how to open APK files on a PC. follow the steps of a method and open your file. People thought that opening an APK file was difficult, but it was not difficult. It requires some steps that are done from the settings. 

Besides this, you can also open the APK files on your Android or Mac.

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