How To Defeat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2?

Shadow Fight 2 is a game where you fight with different bosses. The players are interested in this game because you need to fight with different bosses at every stage and know How To Defeat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2.

All the bosses have their styles, and the player has to use different techniques to defeat them. Mostly, the players will lose the game when they fight with the Lynx because they don’t know how to fight with them. 

Here you will get information about Lynx. We will share different techniques to defeat the Lynx. By defeating the Lynx, you will be promoted to the next stage.

How To Defeat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2

How To Defeat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2
How To Defeat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2

Who is Lynx in Shadow fight 2?

Lynx is the first demon boss who comes to fight with the player. When the games start, Lynx appears, and the player has to fight with him to move on to the next stage. The Lynx appears with his five bodyguards. You have to fight with these bodyguards to fight with Lynx. 

When you defeat all the bodyguards of the Lynx, then you can fight with the Lynx. If any bodyguard kills you, you will lose the game. Lynx is the leader of his team. He is also called The Order. The Lynx is the one who has time bomb magic on his weapon. The bodyguards protect the Lynx. 

Appearance Of Lynx:

Despite wearing a mask and gilded black armor, Lynx has a classic Ninja appearance. Due to his plated armor and mask, just his eyes and the top of his nose are visible. A Demon’s emblem is embroidered on his headpiece, waist, and shoulder. Instead of wearing the helmet that conceals his mouth and nose in Shadow’s version, Lynx wears a black cloth in the Old Wounds era. The outfit, which is sleeveless and features gold accents, has patches of light grey.

He also has black hair that is put in a bun. He also has black material covering the elbows and biceps of his clothing and sparkling light-silver armor on the forearms. He has students, which is different from Shadow’s timeline, which is quite different. His armor has an emblem like the Hermit’s Armor. His arrogance is infectious, and he considers people working for him unimportant. His unwillingness to tolerate challengers until they demonstrate that they are “worthy” of the honor is proof of his conceit and conviction that he is superior to others.

Lynx appreciates the Assassin‘s Order dearly, despite her arrogance and belief that most humans are puppets.

How to fight with Lynx?

Lynx is the most powerful boss. He has the power of magic. He has the power behind his attacks. Spin kick is the most dangerous attack of Lynx. The player has to protect himself from his attacks because you can lose the game if Lynx attacks hit you. 

Here are the techniques to defeat the Lynx:

  1. Stay Away from his Spin Kick:

The Lynx fights with the player using his spin kick move. If this move attacks the player, the player will die in the game. Try to keep away when the Lynx uses this move and attacks him using different weapons. Protecting yourself from the Lynx gives you more chances to win the game. 

  1. Use Your Kicks & Punches: 

Lynx is a powerful fighter. You can use different kicks and punches to defeat the Lynx. There are many weapons accessible in the store. You can buy and use different weapons to defeat the Lynx. If you use weapons to kill the Lynx, you can defeat him.

  1. Dodge His Attacks:

Since Lynx is a swift combatant, he must move quickly and avoid his blows. You’ll be in a much better position to fight back and win the fight if you can avoid getting in his way.

How To Defeat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2?


Q. Which weapon is used to defeat the Lynx?

Use daggers to get level 7 of your armor, helm, and daggers. Keep him on the ground so he can’t attack you. Just keep beating him even after he turns invisible.

Q. How to get Lynx claws free?

After completing Act I, the player must defeat Lynx again in Eclipse mode to get them. The claws automatically adjust once acquired to the player’s level.


It’s difficult to defeat the Lynx. You have to play wisely to defeat Lynx. You can only move to the next stage if you defeat the Lynx. You have to use different techniques to defeat the Lynx. Lynx uses magic to attack the players. After reading this article, you can able to defeat the Lynx in this action game.

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