How To Unlock Titan in Shadow Fight 2? Complete Guide

Are you a game lover and want to know about a game? When any player starts a game and gets excited, he wants to play more levels of this game. In the advanced levels, he faces many hardships and doesn’t know how to Unlock Titan in Shadow Fight 2.

The players who play shadow fight 2 face problems in advanced levels when they fight with Titan. They don’t know how to Unlock Titan. 

Do you excited to know about Titan? Here you will get information about the Titan and the way to unlock the Titan in shadow fight 2.

How To Unlock Titan in Shadow Fight 2

How To Unlock Titan in Shadow Fight 2
How To Unlock Titan in Shadow Fight 2

Who is Titan in Shadow Fight 2?

Firstly, the players must know about Titan and its role.

Titan is the biggest and most powerful villain in this game. He has the power of many villains. The Titan has ruled the whole world. He appears in the last stage. It would help if you fought against Titan to win the game. 

You can use different powerful weapons to kill the Titan. The Titan lives in a shadow world. You can’t win the game if you can’t defeat Titan. To complete the game, you need to kill the Titan. 

How To Unlock Titan in Shadow Fight 2? 

Unlocking any item in the game adds more excitement because unlocking items helps you to win the game. For example, when you want to unlock a new character, you need more coins to unlock them. These coins are getting by fighting with enemies. 

Titan is the worst enemy in this game. You have to fight with him to complete the game. Here are some techniques to unlock the Titan:

  • You can unlock Titan by completing all stages.
  • You can unlock Titan by completing requirements during gameplay.
  • You can unlock Titan by gathering all stones scattered during the gameplay. 

The easiest step to unlock Titan is complete all stages. There are five difficulty settings of levels. These are Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, and Titan mode. The difficulty level of these stages increases. And there is more chance to get more coins. 

How I Unlock Titan in Shadow Fight 2?

The good point of this game is that you can play this game in many ways. If you’re a beginner, you can select Easy mode. Here are some tricks to unlock the Titan in this game.

  1. Try to complete all the modes. You will get the idea of fighting with the enemies when you go through all the modes. 
  1. Use all the weapons in the game. Try to use both paid and nonpaid weapons. So when you fight with Titan, you will know about the weapons.
  1. When you come across the Titan, you need to fight with him for a long time because it takes a lot of time to defeat the Titan. 


Titan is the most crucial part of the game. Without defeating Titan, the player cant complete the game. There are many ways to unlock the Titan. If you want to complete the action game, follow any technique and complete it.

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