How To Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2?

Shadow fight 2 is an exciting game, but many things stop players from playing because they need to learn how To Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2. They must learn to unlock different things, such as bosses, features, and weapons. Despite this, they don’t know the techniques to defeat the bosses. 

So, they leave the game and play the other. It would be best if you had the right weapon to defeat any boss. All the monsters are different from each other. It would help if you used different weapons for different monsters. 

In this article, we will guide you on how to defeat the Titan in shadow fight 2.

How To Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2

How To Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2
How To Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2

How to Unlock The Titan?

Before defeating the Titan, you must know how to unlock the Titan because you need to unlock the Titan to defeat him. 

In this game, Titan is the worst foe. To finish the game, you must battle him. Here are various methods for unlocking the Titan:

  1. By finishing each step, Titan will become available.
  2. By meeting conditions throughout gameplay, you can unlock Titan.
  3. Collecting all the stones throughout the game may unleash Titan.

The simplest way to unlock Titan is to finish every stage. There are five different levels of difficulty. These are Titan mode, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane. These stages get harder as they go along. And there is a greater likelihood of finding additional coins.

How to Defeat The Titan?

In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, you will know how to defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2. you’ll need the perfect tools to overcome Titan.

Titan is a formidable opponent, but you can overcome him with the correct preparation.

Go to the store of the game and explore the most powerful weapon. The most powerful weapons are the axe of Doom, the sword of hope, and the spear of justice. 

You can use these weapons to defeat the Titan. All these weapons are powerful enough to defeat the Titan. 

Besides this, you need Armor. The most used Armor is the Armor of valor. This Armor helps you to protect yourself from the Titan, and you have the power to defeat the Titan. In addition, you need a magical power to defeat the Titan.

How To Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2
How To Defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2

Tricks to Defeat the Titan:

You must have a powerful enchantment if you want to defeat the Titan. Even if you block Titan’s regular damage, his quick-refilling regenerative defensive shield might still take you out. Additionally, if you’re too far away, he can take over your mind, weakening you.

I like quick, close-range weapons like sticks, tonfas, swords, and gear enchantments like Time Bomb, Frenzy, Bleeding, and Poisoning. On the shield of Titan, these enchantments have an extremely negative impact.

The usage of enchantments like Damage Retention and Regeneration Reinforcement is what I suggest doing next.

Battle Strategy:

Hit the Titan continuously if you want to defeat him. If you stop hitting after one attack, it does not affect him. The Titan’s body is too large. Titan will die when you attack him continuously. Pick up any weapons and attack him. When you attack him repeatedly, he will not be able to stand again. 


Q. At what level do you fight Titan?

People who are stronger than level 36 are synced down for the level 34 duel against Titan. It is much more challenging than the fight with Ifrit and will take more group cooperation.

Q. How to defeat the Titan easily?

Titan can be defeated using any level 52 upgraded weapon and Armor set if you have a little patience.

Q. Is it difficult to defeat Titan?

It is difficult to defeat the Titan, but you can defeat him using powerful weapons.


Although Titan is the worst monster, you can defeat him. Use weapons wisely and start attacking him. Diamonds are not necessary for this method; all that is needed is a little effort in amassing the necessary charms and shadow spheres. The trick of a diamond is only used in the mod version. You can’t use this technique in the basic version. 

Those who were unable to face Titan will benefit from it. I’m sorry if these suggestions are of no use to you. From my experience, this is the most reliable approach to taking down Titan.

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